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As one of the leading staffing agencies, finding you the right people is our business. At Employnet we deliver people who fit your needs perfectly. We offer access to an established network of candidates and provide the resources to fulfill all of your staffing needs.

Employnet's Recruiting Center

On Site Staffing/Vendor Management

A vendor-on-premise program for your organization means Employnet becomes your primary vendor/vendor manager for all our clients staffing and HR solutions.

Employnet Offers

  • Policy development and implementation to manage operational, financial and legal risk.
  • Standard, automated processes to improve worker quality and cycle time.
  • Best-in-class workflow automation tools to ensure process compliance.
  • Responsible supplier management services to improve vendor performance.
  • Rate management practices to drive direct and indirect cost.
  • Implementation, training and change management services.
  • Industry leading, robust reporting capabilities enabling our customers to track and monitor contingent staffing spend.
  • Dedicated, experienced management to drive program performance.
  • Supplier diversity mentoring and development.

As you can see, Employnet has the breadth and depth to address the most complex customer environments. Employnet is in the unique position to assist your organization’s Small Business supplier development initiatives.

Human Resourcing Outsourcing

If you’re like most employers, chances are, much – if not most – of your time is spent dealing with the actual business of running your business. Too much time and attention is spent dealing with personnel and employment management issues, rather than on the things that will increase your business and bring in new sales and customers. allows you to leverage your strengths and refocus on your product and delivery model, enabling you to get better and more results than ever before. After all, no one ever went into business just to deal with the red tape and regulations of being an employer.

Contract to Direct Hire

The candidate remains a contract employee until our client organization opts to hire them, at which point a conversion fee is assessed.

Payrolling Services

Employnet offers full service payrolling solutions to fit every business’ needs. Find out how we can help your business.

Pre-Employment Screening Services

Employnet offers full-service nationwide pre-employment screening capabilities.  We provide comprehensive and reliable employee background checks and nationwide drug testing to companies of all sizes.

Our Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant employee background check services include national criminal, county criminal and federal criminal searches.

Background checks can be placed 24/7 and completed background screening reports are stored on our secure web-based account and are always available for you to view and print.

Vendor Management System is a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP) that offers contingent workforce management solutions for large users of contingent staff. Employnet is a recognized expert in the development, implementation and management of contingent workforce solutions and provides end-to-end, technology-enabled solutions that encompass all worker categories. Our solution addresses and eliminates the many risks associated with decentralized, manual processes for procuring contingent staff.

Temporary Service Specialities

  • Clerical / Administrative
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Accounting / Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Legal Administration
  • Seasonal, Event, and Short Term Special Project Staffing
  • and more! Click here to see a list of industries we have worked with.

Independant Consulting Screenings and Management

Proven solutions to help avoid the tax and co-employment risks involved with misclassified contingent workers

The Employnet independent contractor (IC) evaluation solution uses expert tools and professional review to determine compliance status, deliver defensible worker classifications and documentation for existing and new contractors, and offer solutions for engaging misclassified workers.

Employnet gathers detailed information about the contractor and the project for our compliance team to review and delivers a written report with a classification determination.

For qualified independent contractors we create a compliance file to document their status determination

For contractors found to be misclassified we outline the potential negative financial consequences and present several employment alternatives

A 1099 audit can be costly for your organization, resulting in retroactive payroll tax liabilities, fines and claims for benefits from misclassified employees. helps to mitigate these risks by creating a program that enables your managers to secure the specialized talent they need, while ensuring that each contractor and supplier relationship meets federal and state guidelines.

Contract/Temporary Staffing

At Employnet we excel at recruiting, screening, assessing and placing quality temporary employees as solid, reputable companies for short and long-term assignments.

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