Employnet Workforce Solutions

MSP Solutions

Employnet’s team has the experience and expertise to architect and manage best-in-class contingent workforce programs. Our solutions leverages a vast supplier network to source the best talent and statement-of-work (SOW) projects at competitive bill rates while managing compliance risks.

Turn-Key Solutions

We manage the lifecycle of your global contingent workforce and serve as an intermediary between suppliers and clients. This ensures that our clients get top-quality talent at the most competitive market rates.

Business Outcomes

Our clients achieve full visibility into non-employee workforce spend, risk, and management - giving you the ability to make educated business decisions that result in cost savings, risk mitigation, and improved talent quality.

Business Experts

Our Employnet team leverage a breadth of business expertise and our consultants provide everything from extensive legal, finance, compliance, and practical guidance, and regulatory governance.



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National Recruiting Center

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Round the Clock Customer Support

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Multi-Channel Sourcing

Our approach consists of a multichannel sourcing model which means our clients are not constrained to use on-premise managed service programs; rather, they are able to leverage the full breadth of talent and SOW project sourcing options available in the marketplace.

Staffing Vendors

Through our extensive staffing vendor network, our clients can work with their on-site team to determine which ones to include for bid on each talent and SOW project.

Self Sourcing

Clients can opt to use self-sourced talent while while we manage the time-consuming complexities of your contingent workforce including: payroll, benefits, risk mitigation, compliance, and ongoing employee support.

SOW Vendors

Many companies are embedding substantial portions of their SOW projects within their contingent workforce management programs.We work with our clients to integrate their global SOW projects and spend into their contingent workforce management programs.

Freelance Management

Freelance marketplaces create public talent clouds to present both new opportunities and risks for those using them. Our workforce compliance service allows your company to take advantage of these marketplaces while mitigating risk.

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Employnet provides flexible workforce and multi-channel solutions for any size company that needs to accomplish their global business initiatives.