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Why Your Business Needs Employnet

The 5 Step Employnet Process

Our dedicated team of staffing and recruiters work in tandem to ensure that organizations have a successful strategy and the right resources for attracting and retaining top talent in all positions.

You Reach Out to Employnet

You contact us looking for assistance & provide specific information like job responsibilities, the number of workers needed, timeline to hire new workers & hourly wage or salary.

Employnet Creates Job Description

We create a job description & advertise it for your business, taking away the hassle of cost & time spent by your company. We also have an extensive network of qualified candidates that we can reach out to directly if they are a good fit for the job.

Employnet Vets Candidates

Once potential candidates begin applying for the position, we review their experience & qualifications then schedule & conduct interviews. We choose the most qualified individuals to introduce to your hiring manager.

You Make the Final Decision

Instead of multiple interviews & spending hours sorting through countless applicants. We send you only top candidates to interview, making it simple & easy to make a final hiring decision.

Employnet Handles the Paperwork

We handle all the paper associated with new hires, like contracts, taxes and payroll tasks

Have Your Own Talent Source?

Employnet offers payrolling services at discounted rates, around 40-50% with flexibility.  We allow companies to mitigate risk and make sure the candidates they found is a good fit for the organization.

Advantages of Using Employnet

Fast Hiring

Tired of spending long hours reading resumes & conducting interviews? We help alleviate the stress of hiring by only sending you the best candidates. Instead of multiple interviews, you just need one. Making the process much quicker & easier.

Reduced Workload

Your employees have their own role-specific tasks. Dedicating their time to vetting and interviewing candidates will take away from their routine and productivity. Employnet will focus on the hiring process and alleviate your employees of this responsibility!


We adapt to the flow of your business and demands. Every dollar you spend must be spent helping your business. Having temporary workers allows you to have people when you need them and contributes to the success of your business.

Specialized Hiring

Are you struggling to hire someone with a specific niche for your business? Our specialized recruiters have the connections and resources, as well as extensive knowledge of area-specific salary ranges and market history. We ensure your money will be invested in the right employees!

Reduced Risk

Want to reduce the number of liabilities your business manages? Employnet will be considered the employer of record when it comes to temporary associates being placed. This means we assume many liabilities for you while employees are on assignment.

How to Start Working with Us


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Why Would Employnet Work for Your Business

Save Time & Resources

Employnet can expedite the hiring process by evaluating job candidates on your behalf. Instead of spending weeks reviewing resumes from hundreds of candidates, Employnet can screen each employee to make sure they are viable candidates for the position you are hiring for.

Offer a Change to Evaluate Before Commitment

With temporary staff, you can appraise their job performance before you offer them a permanent position. You can monitor how quickly they adapt to the work environment and observe how well they respond to unexpected situations. Track their progress and any achievements they make. You can also ask other organizational members their opinions about the temporary associate before making a final decision.

Decrease Costs

Hiring temporary associates from staffing agencies may cost less than hiring permanent ones in house. As a human resources manager, you can save the organizational funds you would spend paying for benefits packages and taxes associated with payrolls for contractual employees. Staffing agencies find more work for the temporary employees after they finish working with the client, so you can also save the money you would spend paying for unemployment claims as well. Plus, the more the temporary staff contributes to an organization's workflow, the less you would need to use organizational funds to pay for permanent staff overtime.

"I will alway drop what I'm doing to work for Employnet."

I’m so thankful for Employnet. They’ve always given me work when I needed it - I will always drop what I’m doing to work for Employnet.
contingent worker, Manufacturing

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