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Frequently Asked Questions


Don’t worry! Call your local branch or Payroll @ 866-527-4473 ext. 3

If you are a W-2 associate employed by Employnet, you can access your W-2 form(s) online through the Employnet WebCenter! W-2 Forms are made available by the end of January each year for the prior tax year. 

To access your W-2 Form:

1. Log into your WebCenter account at https://webcenter.ontempworks.com/Portal/default

2. From the home screen, you can select “Manage W-2s

3. If this is your first time accessing your W-2’s, you will be asked to acknowledge a  consent statement about accessing your form electronically. Once acknowledged, you may access any W-2’s available. Select the year of your choosing from the dropdown menu and click ‘Download’.

Depending on your computer’s settings, the W-2 may download as a PDF and be sent straight to your download’s folder.

For additional assistance, please contact your local Employnet office or email us at w2@employnet.com

It actually depends on the timekeeping system. Call your local branch representative if you have issues.

Contact a representative at your local Employnet branch and they can give you a new W4 form to complete online.
Contact your local branch representative to get a direct deposit form sent to you (online or via email).
When in Webcenter, click assignment tab, click “Create NEW timecard for this Assignment”, click on calendar to select correct week ending date, save hours daily, submit weekly.
Yes, if possible, contact your local branch rep and let them know.
If it has not yet been approved, you can click the Submitted tab, then click “Unlock”. It should move your timecard back to the “Needs Attention” tab so you can edit it. If it has already been approved, you will need to call your local branch representative.
That one’s easy… please contact your local branch representative and they will help you!
Please contact your local branch representative and they can update your information.
Yes, you will still be paid. If possible, contact your local branch representative to make them aware it was late. Better safe than sorry.

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