Debbie Gonzalez Reyes Education Scholarship


Honoring Debbie Gonzalez Reyes

Debbie Gonzalez Reyes was loyal, funny, vivacious, caring and a spitfire. She was Program Manager for Employnet at Western Digital and had an incredible impact on Employnet. She took care of our customers and everyone in the office. Debbie was She was known as the “party decorator” because she always took control and made the day special for the birthday girl/boy.

“Debbie Gonzalez Reyes was my 1st hire when starting the Silicon Valley Region in 2014. We worked together out of coffee shops with our laptops until we found our branch office. Debbie was an amazing person. She was always so full of spirit.”

Debbie left us in 2020. She was the fabric and pillar of the Employnet Family. She is very much missed. In 2021, Employnet began awarding education scholarships in her in honor to keep her spirit alive. This scholarship remains important because of the immense impact she left on the Employnet family. Charles Tope, President/CEO and Cathy Juarez, SVP Sales thought this scholarship would be a perfect way to celebrate Debbie every year.

Candidates must be a full time student, maintain a 3.0+ or Satisfactory school grade, and write an essay addressing the question, “What does education mean to me?”.  Employnet will award $500 to the chosen winners. This years recipients include Lilian Fernandez, Giuliana Arias, Aaliyah Perez. Our 2022 winners were awarded their scholarship by Charles and Cathy at headquarters in Monterey, CA.

Charles Tope, President/CEO and Cathy Juarez, SVP Sales award the Debbie Gonzalez Reyes Scholarship to recipients. From left to right: Cathy Juarez, Lilian Fernandez, Charles Tope, Aaliyah Perez, Giuliana Arias.