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Employnet, Inc. is a global leader in creating flexible workforce solutions. Each day we connect talented people to innovative companies with a wide range of skills and industries, helping to empower success. Headquarted in Monterey CA, our company has branches spread throughout the united states which is why we can boast that we have a national reach with a local touch.


Customer Driven

At the center of everything Employnet does are our customers. Our customer service speaks for itself with every jolly conversation on the phone or through the quick and friendly email responses.  We go out of our way to show that YOU are our number one priority and we will do whatever we can, in every interaction, to make your experience with us is the greatest experience you could possibly have.

Work Culture

At Employnet, our passion bleeds into everything we do. Everyone knows our work culture is what makes Employnet an amazing place to work out. Whether it’s having fun at happy hour, playing ping pong, participating in non-profit projects, or having lunch together, we know that these are the things that make Employnet the company that it is.

One Big Happy Family

Employnet is made up of many different individuals from many different backgrounds and we put an emphasis on acceptance, tolerance, working hard together, and playing hard together. We believe that the teams that work together go the farthest! It doesn’t matter if you answer phones, clean the floors, make sales, or deliver mail, everyone plays a vital role in the Employnet family.

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